Flags Featuring Two College Teams
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Georgia Tech University


The Georgia Tech University house divided flags sides are available in hand sewn and printed styles.

Hand sewn flags feature the Georgia Tech logo with either a blue or gold background. The hand sewn flags are made in the USA of heavy-duty nylon and the Georgia Tech logo is hand sewn onto the flag. There are logos on each side of a hand sewn flag; each Georgia Tech logo is a mirror-image of the opposite side. Just like an American flag. The finish on a hand sewn flag is either sleeve or two grommets.

Printed flags on produced on polyester fabric. The Georgia Tech logo is featured in either a blue or gold background with the Georgia Tech logo featured in the remaining color. The Georgia Tech logo is visible on the front side and it is semi-transparent on the opposite side. The finish on a printed flag is two grommets.


Please allow four weeks from your order date for production.

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