Flags Featuring Two College Teams
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Nebraska Texas Tech House Divided Flag

We can't prove this, but we think we have helped keep game day more peaceful so people can concentrate on what's important: cheering on your favorite college team to victory!

Countless numbers of customers have told us they no longer have to argue about which school flag proudly goes on display on game day. Now they are focusing on other important game day rituals-nachos, statistics and wings. 

We can relate because before HouseDividedFlags.com began, we had the same issue in our divided house. Don't let the picture fool you. Just because we are wearing the same colors doesn't mean we cheer for the same team.

One Texas Tech fan and one Nebraska fan do not a peaceful home make during football season. But that was then, and this is now! As long as we don't talk about that brutal shellacking the Red Raiders served my beloved Huskers in 2004, we have a very happy, college-football-loving-divided-house!