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It's the second week of football season, and we are in full-swing! Are you loving this football season as much as we are? We thought we would answer some of our most frequently asked questions. I want a hand sewn flag, but my school is only listed in printed. When we get approval to produce a house divided flag for a school, the school gives us specific guidelines regarding which colors, logos, and styles we are allowed to use. In some cases, including the Nebraska and North Dakota State example as well as the Florida State and Georgia Tech example, the logos the school approves us to use are too complicated to produce as a hand sewn flag. Nebraska and Georgia Tech; however, are examples of schools that have given us two different logos to use. One is for printed flags and the other is for hand sewn. Florida State and North Dakota State are only available as a printed style. Nebraska-red-left_North-Dakota-State-green-web Florida-State_Georgia-Tech-gold-dye-sub-web           Why isn't my school available? We have more than 200 NCAA schools available to produce custom house divided flags. However, we don't have all licenses. We need to have permission to produce all of the school logos we use on our products. If you do not see your school, chances are, we have not been granted permission to use the logo. Feel free to contact us! [contact-form subject='Can My School Be Added?'][contact-field label='Name' type='name' required='1'/][contact-field label='Email' type='email' required='1'/][contact-field label='School You Are Inquiring About' type='text'/][contact-field label='Comment' type='textarea'/][/contact-form]      

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